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Inktober is an art challenge which was created in 2009 by artist Jake Parker.

It takes place during the whole month of October and it is focused on improving skills and developing positive drawing habits.

Every day in October, anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates

an ink drawing and posts it online.

These are extracts from my contributions of the 2018 edition

(where I chose to add a common theme in the list: Nature!)

and of the 2019 edition (where I created my own list: the Arcanas).

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inktober 2019 11.JPG
inktober 2019 3.JPG
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inktober 2019 1.JPG
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inktober 2019 12.JPG
inktober 2019 10.JPG
inktober 2019 13.JPG
inktober 2019 4.JPG
inktober 2019 5.JPG
inktober 2019 9.JPG
inktober 2019 8.JPG
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7 exhausted.jpg
1 poisonous.jpg